Martin Yale P6200 Paper Folder Demo Video

If you are looking for a simple an inexpensive option for folding letters and corespondence at your desk the Martin Yale P6200 Paper Folder is a great option.   Designed to sit at your desk the P6200 is designed specifically for folding letters for ocassional users.  This video will show you how to use the P6200 letter folder.  It is pretty short because there aren’t a lot of settings or things to mess with when using this machine.  Esentially you just plug the machine in, insert your paper and it comes out the other end folded.  It can fold a single sheet or stapled sets with up to 3 sheets in them.  There aren’t really any adjustments on the machine.  However, there is an integrated anti jam


Here is the audio transcript for this video:

Welcome to MyBinding video. Let’s have a look at the P6200, a desktop letter paper folding machine by Martin Yale. The MYP6200 is a great way to fold letters very quickly. Simply place your paper in the back slot and it folds it right through and comes out the front. This machine can handle 20-24lb paper as well as handling three sheets at a single time, even if they’re stapled together. And that’s the Martin Yale P6200. For more demos, reviews, and how to’s of this product and many more, check out

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