GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator – Film Tension Adjustment Demo

This video shows the correct way to adjust the film tension of your GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator .

Here is the audio transcript for this video:

The proper film tension is the minimum amount of tension required to eliminate wrinkles in the finished item.  The film tension is set at the factory and should not need to be adjusted often.

Indicators that tension needs to be adjusted include wrinkles caused by insufficient tension, stretching caused by too much tension, or curling which is caused by uneven tension between the top and bottom rolls.

To adjust the tension brake, push and hold the brake lever located on the left side frame by the roller film.  Rotate the roller film until the lever engages the internal mechanism.  Rotate the film clockwise to increase the tension, or counter-clockwise to decrease the tension.  Release the brake lever and check the tension by rotating the roller film.  Resistance should be slight, not forced.

The procedure is the same for adjusting tension on either roller film.  Laminate some test samples to check for proper tension and make further adjustments if necessary.

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