Swingline 74037 Precision Pro Desktop Punch Demo

You might be thinking, “A video about a three-hole punch, really?” And we wouldn’t blame you, really. But often when you’re shopping online, it’s hard to get a good idea of what the product looks like from a photo. With this video, you can see the Swingline 74037 Precision Pro punch from every angle, giving you a great idea of the product you’re looking at. This is a standard desktop three-hole punch with patented pin technology for sharp, precise hole punching. Each of the three pins is semi-adjustable by moving the screws into specific holes for a variety of standard sizes. With the Swingline 74037 you can punch up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper per punch. The holes fall into an easy-glide chip tray for convenient removal.

If you have any questions on the Swingline 74037 Precision Pro Punch, please leave a comment below. You can also reach us at by phone or email where live individuals are available to answer any questions.

Here is the audio transcript for this video:

Welcome to MyBinding video. Let’s take a look at the Precision Pro Desktop Hole Punch by Swingline. There may be no thrills here but this is the standard. Remove the safety block and you have your standard three-hole punch. This punch has exclusive patented pin technology for precise cutting. And all three pins are adjustable by screws on the bottom and moving them around in set holes for standard sizes. It’s sturdy, solid, built to last, and the grip holds it to your hand quite well. Because of the sharp pins and great leverage, you can punch up to ten sheets at once. That’s it, that’s the Precision Pro by Swingline. For more demos, reviews, and how-tos, check out MyBinding.com.

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